Mission & History

PHYSICIAN ASSISTANT PROGRAM​ - equipping graduates for the practice of medicine in an ever changing clinical environment

Preparing competent, compassionate, and ethical physician assistant pioneers who will provide quality patient-centered care to a diverse population.

In harmony with the overall mission of CUNY School of Medicine, the Physician Assistant program seeks to provide a comprehensive educational program designed to impart to students the knowledge and skills needed to become competent professionals. The Program strives to motivate its future graduates to develop attitudes which stimulate continuing pursuit of professional excellence, compassionate caregiving, and lifelong learning. 

Our Mission

The mission of The City University of New York School of Medicine Physician Assistant Program is to improve the health of underserved communities and to eliminate healthcare disparity by providing increased access to physician assistant education to students from traditionally underserved populations. Through education and mentoring, we will create a highly skilled workforce that provides primary health services to the communities of greatest need.

engaging experiences that facilitate excellence in health care
The CUNY School of Medicine PA Program is a mission-driven program, attracting students with a commitment to providing excellent care in underrepresented areas. In a recent survey of five alumni classes nearly half of responding graduates work in underserved areas.
Our History

The Harlem Hospital Physician Assistant Program was founded in 1970 as a joint project of the Harlem Hospital Center and the Columbia University School of Public Health. Our Program is one of the oldest in the country, founded only five years after the birth of the profession. The Program was developed to train individuals with prior health care experience to practice primary care in communities of greatest need. The first class was admitted in 1971, graduating in 1973. 

In 1972, the Program developed an academic affiliation with Antioch College which continued until the New School for Social Research assumed responsibility from 1974-1978. In 1978, the Program partnered with the Sophie Davis School of Biomedical Education of the City College of New York (CCNY) and now is The CUNY School of Medicine Physician Assistant Program.

Support our students' pathways towards a journey of learning and discovery

CUNY School of Medicine faculty provide world-class medical education to the next generation of healthcare providers.

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