Mistreatment Reporting

Mistreatment Policy

All reports of alleged mistreatment will be monitored and tracked by the Office of Student Affairs by the procedures described below:

Definition of Mistreatment

Certain behaviors are clearly antithetical to a productive learning environment and are classified as mistreatment of students. Mistreatment of students includes but is not limited to disclosing confidential student information; public humiliation and other actions that can be reasonably interpreted as demeaning or humiliating; sexual harassment (including unwelcome sexual remarks or jokes); inappropriate comments about student’s dress, ethnicity or sexual orientation; physical aggression (including pushing, shoving, or other intentional inappropriate physical contact) or the threat of physical aggression; unjustified exclusion from reasonable learning opportunities; and other unfair treatment of students. Mistreatment of students can result in disciplinary action of the offender. These policies as outlined are in compliance with the CCNY Academic Affairs Integrity Process and are not meant to supersede or supplant CUNY policy. At CUNY School of Medicine, we want to ensure that we provide a safe learning environment for all students, free from all forms of mistreatment. When mistreatment does occur, we hope that students will report it through whatever available channel they feel most appropriate for themselves.

Policy and Procedure for Reporting Alleged Mistreatment and Unprofessional Behavior

All reports of alleged mistreatment will be monitored and tracked by the Office of Student Affairs by the procedures described below:

Contemporaneous allegations of mistreatment/unprofessional behavior
If students encounter mistreatment and/or unprofessional behavior, it must be addressed immediately. They have non-anonymous and anonymous mechanisms to report mistreatment/unprofessional behavior.

Reporting Mistreatment (Anonymous or Non-Anonymous): Students have numerous ways to go about reporting mistreatment at the CUNY School of Medicine. Students may talk to the course/clerkship director, who will try to resolve the issue. The course or clerkship director will report the issue to the Office of Student Affairs. If the course/clerkship director is unable to resolve the issue, the student and/or the course/clerkship director will report it to the Office of Student Affairs. The student always has the option to report directly to the Office of Student Affairs, either in person or via an online reporting form. Once a complaint is received, the Office of Student Affairs will report issues to the appropriate course/clerkship director, the department chair, and the Assistant Dean charged with that area of the curriculum to investigate and address. When the issue is resolved, a report will be made to the Office of Student Affairs.

Course/clerkship directors must report allegations of mistreatment/unprofessional behavior as soon as possible, but no more than five working days after the report.

Allegations of mistreatment/unprofessional behavior reported in end-of-experience evaluations

Students are asked explicitly about their experiences with mistreatment and unprofessional behavior in every course, clerkship, and clinical experience evaluation.  Reported instances are highlighted and given immediately to the course/clerkship director, appropriate personnel at the site of the mistreatment/unprofessional behavior, the Assistant Dean charged with that area of the curriculum, the department chair and the Office of Student Affairs. The Office of Student Affairs is charged with ensuring the issue is addressed in a timely fashion.

Resolutions of allegations of mistreatment/unprofessional behavior

Those engaging in mistreatment/unprofessional behavior may be disciplined, up to and including removal from the teaching responsibilities at CUNY School of Medicine.  Determination of consequences that may arise from mistreatment will be the responsibility of the course or clerkship directors, Assistant Dean charged with that area of the curriculum, site directors at clinical sites, and/or the department chair. Students who engage in mistreatment/unprofessional behavior will be referred to the Office of Student Affairs, and may face disciplinary proceedings through the Student Academic Progress Committee.

CUNY Policy for Student Complaints about Faculty Conduct

Students may always use the CUNY policy for complaints about faculty conduct in academic settings, found here.

Anonymous reporting:

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