Mission, Vision & Values

Committed to diverse students and faculty who are committed to medicine with a focus on treating underserved and disadvantaged communities.

Our Mission

The mission of the CUNY School of Medicine (CUNY Med) is to produce broadly-educated, highly-skilled and diverse medical practitioners to provide quality health services to communities historically underserved by primary care practitioners. The School will recruit and educate a diverse, talented pool of students to the BS/MD and Physician Assistant programs, expanding access to medical education to individuals from underserved communities, of limited financial resources, and of racial/ethnic backgrounds historically underrepresented in the medical profession.

Programs of the CUNY School of Medicine achieve academic excellence through rigorous curricula in clinically-oriented basic sciences, population health, research, exposure to a variety of health care settings, and professional development.

Our Vision

Access + Excellence + Community

The CUNY School of Medicine (formerly the Sophie Davis School of Biomedical Education) was established in 1973. Located in Harlem, our school was created to provide quality healthcare to underserved communities and produce highly skilled medical practitioners. 

Support our students' pathways towards a journey of learning and discovery

Support CUNY School of Medicine as we endeavor to meet the healthcare workforce needs in the NY Metropolitan area, engage in groundbreaking research, and seek to reduce health disparities.

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