Leadership Team

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Providing Strategic Vision and Leadership to Our Medical Education Community

The CUNY Med Leadership Team is responsible for supporting our students and faculty. The Team provides guidance for achieving academic excellence, fostering career development opportunities, and serving as the liaison for a wide range of support services to enhance the educational goals of our students.

Leadership Team

Medical Education & Academic Affairs
O: H-301
P: 212-650-8582
Medical Education & Academic Affairs
O: 310F
P: 212-650-7789
Office of the Dean
O: HR-107C
P: 212-650-5275
Medical Education & Academic Affairs
P: 212-650-7699/8659
Office of Research
Office of Student Affairs
O: H-303
P: 212-650-8564
Office of Administration
O: H106
P: 212-650-7479
Office of Diversity and Inclusion
O: H-303
Office of the Dean
O: HR-107D
P: 212-650-5297
Community Health and Social Medicine Department
O: H-205G
P: 212-650-7748
Office of Development and Advancement
O: H-111
P: 212-650-8590
Physician Assistant Program
O: HR-12
P: 212-650-7812
Making a difference

The hallmarks of the CUNY School of Medicine are embodied in the compassionate, enthusiastic faculty members of our program.

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