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Our accreditation status

The CUNY School of Medicine is Accredited by the Liaison Committee on Medical Education (LCME) with Provisional Status

The Liaison Committee on Medical Education (LCME) accredits all new and existing medical schools in the U.S. and Canada. It is jointly sponsored by the Association of American Medical Colleges and the Council on Medical Education of the American Medical Association.

You can learn more about the LCME here:


The CUNY School of Medicine was Provisionally accredited in Spring 2022  and we are working towards achieving Full Accreditation in the Spring of 2023. Provisional Accreditation allows students to sit for USMLE Licensing exams and to be eligible to match in an ACGME accredited residency program.

The school is listed on the LCME website of accredited schools here:


Student Section


Dear Students,

Thank you to all of our LCME student champions, student government representatives, members of the LCME workgroup and CQI committees as well as other student volunteers for the hard work you have done as we head into the final stage of achieving Full Accreditation.

You have been an integral part of our many improvements in the areas of student research opportunities; personal counseling and wellness programs; study space; integration and coordination of our basic sciences curriculum, and career advising. We will continue to seek student input and message our improvements to the school community.

As we come to the end of 2023, we want to congratulate you on your continued academic successes.

Happy Holidays!


CUNY School of Medicine LCME team

See below for some updates on things that you asked for and we accomplished:

We made it a two-semester course starting in fall 2022.

We moved anatomy into the organ systems modules.

The school pays for students to have a subscription for both step 1 and step 2.

We set up mock interviews for every student.

We are working towards having study rooms that are accessible 24/7. Students have been given access cards.

We are establishing an on-campus student counseling service to complement the current off-campus counseling offerings supported by the college. Students who are able to benefit from briefer care will be able to be seen on campus either in person or virtually. Students requiring longer-term care will be able to continue being seen through our off-campus clinicians. This should dramatically reduce waiting times for appointments and allow for more active psychoeducation and other wellness activities to be provided on campus. 

  • Weekly emails about research opportunities are sent
  • Link on the Research website outlining opportunities
  • Formal linkages with medical schools and affiliate clinical sites in NYC as well as nationally have been established
  • A structured application format for all opportunities has been established
  • Monetary support for research internships (experiences?) inclusive of external sites has been secured
  • Weekly one-on-one sessions with Drs. Lisa Coico and Maria Lima are available to align student research interests with internal or external opportunities
  • Links to plug and play (or boilerplate) research CV and instructions on how to email investigators have been added to the research website

Please feel free to email Lisa Auerbach CUNY School of Medicine, LCME Accreditation Faculty Lead, [email protected] or Annabel Santana, Associate Dean for Special Projects, [email protected] with any questions or suggestions about accreditation.

The CUNY Medical School of Medicine is diligently working towards achieving full accreditation by Spring of 2023.

CUNY Med is a new school and is in the process of achieving full accreditation. The LCME accreditation process progresses, in sequence, from preliminary to provisional, to full accreditation. The LCME granted the CUNY School of Medicine preliminary accreditation status in 2015 and provisional status in 2018. The school is currently provisionally approved.

See Our Listing on the LCME Website
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