Health Professions Mentorship Program - HPMP

Giving guidance and increasing the success of diverse and underrepresented minorities in medicine.

Fostering collaborative relationships between experienced practitioners and faculty, early professionals, and students, play a significant role in the personal and professional development of our future healthcare professionals. A successful mentorship benefits not only healthcare students, but also the community healthcare institutions that support them.

Sophie Davis Health Professions Mentorship Program (HPMP)

The Health Professions Mentorship Program is for rising high school juniors thinking about a career in the health field. Careers like medicine, nursing, physician assistant, occupational therapy, public health, and research are possible with a college degree in basic or biomedical sciences, social sciences, or specialized health sciences.

The Health Professions Mentorship Program requires a two year commitment and includes two four-week summer sessions following your sophomore and junior years of high school and monthly Saturday sessions. Students will conduct a community based project in which they will take part in recognizing challenges, and developing solutions to health care problems in New York City. Students observe and discuss the social and economic determinants of health and disease and explore how different health care professionals address these issues to improve the health of communities.

2023 - 2025
HPMP Application

Mentorship sessions include presentations, group seminars, and problem-solving experiences led by CUNY School of Medicine faculty and students. Topics include current health challenges as well as an overview of the specific career paths designed to address them. During the Fall, Winter, and Spring seminars, medical students mentor and help high school students build the knowledge and skills needed to become a successful college student.

The deadline for applications to the Sophie Davis Health Professions Mentorship Program is on April 1st, 2023. Applications and all supporting documents must be emailed to  [email protected]  and sent by U.S. postal delivery to the mailing address on the application. Decisions about admission will be emailed the second week of May 2023.

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