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There are many ways to get involved with the CUNY School of Medicine. Throughout the year we offer a variety of services and events for alumni and friends to participate in.

Mentorship Program

The CUNY School of Medicine Mentorship Program is designed to cultivate meaningful mentorship opportunities for the CUNY Med community. Students and alumni can connect with alumni in various medical fields. Alumni may participate as volunteer mentors or mentees or both. Current MD students may participate as mentees.

The Alumni Mentorship Program was designed to help alumni connect with fellow alumni in their field; facilitate connections between alumni and current students; assist alumni and students in growing professionally and; offer resources for development.


A strong mentorship program has the power to mutually benefit mentors and mentees: Alumni mentors have an opportunity to share their stories and invest their time in a rewarding relationship with an alumnus/a, trainee, or student who is eager to learn from them, as well as mutually learn from the mentee about their industry, profession, and perspective.

CUNY School of Medicine Alumni Mentors are graduates of the Sophie Davis Biomedical Education Program and/or the CUNY School of Medicine who are passionate about sharing their knowledge and resources with current students, and recent graduates. Volunteering as a mentor is a great way to make an impact and stay connected with the CUNY Med community.

Mentees are current CUNY Med students and alumni who are looking for guidance as they navigate their careers, consider a career change, or seek additional education and training. Mentees are passionate about growing professionally, learning new skills, and expanding their professional networks to give them a competitive advantage in the workplace.

To participate in the Alumni Mentorship Program, mentors will complete a form, which includes their specialty, demographic information, and career interests. Mentees will then select the mentor who best matches their current and future professional goals and request to work with that mentor. If the mentor accepts their request, the mentor and mentee can then get in touch. In their first meeting, the mentor and mentee are expected to work out how they will communicate with one another, and both parties’ objectives, so that mentors and mentees understand the other’s needs and expectations for the relationship

CUNY School of Medicine has purposefully designed this program to be flexible for busy alumni mentors and mentees. Mentors and mentees have complete control over the mentorship relationship and can decide how the relationship will work.

To participate in the mentoring program, please click on the ‘Get Involved’ button below.

For additional information, please contact Manoj Padarat, Manager of Alumni Relations at [email protected] or 212-650-2269.

Job Shadowing Program​

The CUNY School of Medicine is seeking alumni who would be willing to host a CUNY School of Medicine student for a few hours, a day, or a week. The job shadow program allows our interested students to gain exposure to the professional world and experience what it’s like to be a doctor. If you would like to participate in the job shadow program, please email us at [email protected].

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