Areas to Support

Student Scholarships and Fellowships

Our nation needs physicians and physician assistants, especially those who wish to care for the medically underserved in primary care settings. CUNY School of Medicine was established to address this critical need and challenge. Today, medical education is far less affordable than it was decades ago, especially to our students and their families, many of whom are immigrants with few financial resources.

At a time when many students graduate with up to $200,000 in debt, student support is the number one priority for the CUNY School of Medicine. Your philanthropy plays a crucial role in allowing our students to pursue their dreams of becoming medical professionals, helps build the next generation of diverse healthcare leaders, and sustains the future of health care by reducing health disparities and ensuring health equity in local communities.

In addition to tuition support, CUNY School of Medicine believes that providing enrichment opportunities such as research fellowships is crucial for student success. Fellowships allow students to work in laboratories and settings throughout the US and globally, incorporating their classroom learning and research skills into practice.

ScholarshipGift Level
Named Full Ride Scholarship for one BS/MD Student (Includes living expenses)**$1,500,000
Named Tuition Scholarship for one BS/MD Student**$1,000,000
Named Global Health Research Fellowship$250,000
Named Scholarship for one PA Student$
Named Student Research Fund**$125,000
Named Student Scholarship**$25,000


Unrestricted Gifts

Gifts of all sizes made without restriction are extremely important to the growth and functioning of the CUNY School of Medicine. These gifts allow school leadership to direct funds where they are most needed. Unexpected opportunities to leverage investments, address challenges, or assist with multi-year planning are met with assurance by having unencumbered funds available

Faculty & Research

As CUNY School of Medicine seeks to recruit and train the best and brightest students from diverse backgrounds, we must also recruit talented and committed faculty members who are at the forefront of training and research in their respective fields. Your philanthropic commitment will help support world-class faculty who are leading the way to better outcomes for patients and families.

A named professorship or chair is a prestigious honor in academic medicine. It provides sustainable resources for program expansion, allows for the purchase of state-of-the-art technology, and the flexibility to advance research expertise.

Among the types of research that can be supported through philanthropy, include:

  • Pilot: provides funding for emerging new ideas for which grants are not generally available

  • New Faculty start-up: offers new faculty recruits the necessary funding to purchase equipment and hire staff for research initiatives.

  • Bridge Funding: allows researchers to receive short-term support to continue work and sustain momentum when current grants run out

Title Amount
Endowed Department Chair$2,000,000
Endowed Professorships$1,500,000
Endowed Visiting Distinguished Lecturers$500,000
Faculty Professional Development Fund$100,000
Support our students' pathways towards a journey of learning and discovery

Preparing the next generation of exceptional health care providers that our communities and children deserve.

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